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Professor of Experimental Physics



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Prof. Jeremy Hutson, Dr. Simon Cornish, Dr. Eckart Wrede, Dr. David Carty, University of Durham, 2010 - 2015

Research Student Supervision

Holland,D, Laser cooling of BH molecules

Dunseith,D, Microwave trapping of atoms and molecules

Nohlmans,D, Trapping molecules from a buffer gas source

Skoff,SM, Buffer gas cooling of YbF molecules

Freytag,R, Formation of ultracold YbCs molecules

Kaushik,A, An electrically polarized quantum degenerate gas

Zhelyazkova,V, Laser cooling of CaF

Truppe,S, Sympathetic cooling of polar molecules

Bulleid,N, An intense source of cold, slow YbF molecules

Stack,J, An ultracold lithium source for investigating cold dipolar gases

Tokunaga,M, Production and Stark deceleration of lithium hydride molecules

Wall,M, Guiding and decelerating cold, heavy, polar molecules