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Mark Thursz is professor of hepatology at Imperial College and consultant in hepatology at St Mary's Hospital, London. His clinical interests are in viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and fatty liver disease. He is currently interested in developing programmes for treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection in resource poor settings to reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Professor Thursz' research interests are focussed on the natural history of viral hepatitis and fatty liver disease and the factors which determine chronic infection and progressive liver disease. He has a special interest in the genetic determinants of disease outcomes using genetic association and genome wide scanning to identify causative variants.

Professor Thursz is chief investigator on two multi-centre trials: The warfarin anticoagulation for liver fibrosis in patients transplanted for hepatitis C (WAFT-C) trial and the steroids or pentoxifylline for alcoholic hepatitis (STOPAH) trial.

Professor Thursz is a former secretary of the British Association for Study of the Liver (BASL) and is currently vice-secretary of the European Association for Study of the Liver. In this role he has special responsibility for EU policy and advocacy in Brussels.




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