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Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Teaching Fellow in Applied Mathematics (Online Delivery)







Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Dr Woolway's primary research interests focus on the interdisciplinary domain of applied mathematics and chemical engineering, primarily process scheduling. Broadly, his interests comprise of computational intelligence, artificial intelligence and optimisation. His teaching experience involves various multidisciplinary courses across the mathematical science and engineering faculties; with a particular focus on numerical methods and optimisation.



Chieza HA, Khumalo MT, Prag K, et al., 2020, On the Computational Performance of IBM Quantum Devices Applied to Combinatorial Optimisation Problems, Pages:260-264

Variawa MZ, Van Zyl TL, Woolway M, 2020, Comparing Generalisation Using Crowd-Sourced vs Expert Labels for Galaxies Classification, Pages:158-162

Van Zyl TL, Woolway M, 2020, Makespan Minimisation for Multipurpose Batch Plants Using Metaheuristic Approaches, Pages:56-60

Stander L, Woolway M, Van Zyl TL, 2020, Extended Surrogate Assisted Continuous Process Optimisation, Pages:275-279

Stander L, Woolway M, Van Zyl TL, 2020, Data-driven evolutionary optimisation for the design parameters of a chemical process: A case study

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