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MissMaria AnnaChatzopoulou

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Research Postgraduate







Skempton BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Maria Anna is a PhD student in the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) Laboratory, at the Department of Chemical Engineering, working under the supervision of Dr Christos Markides. Her research focuses on the design of low carbon cogeneration technologies with applications in buildings. She is interested in the design and optimisation of promising novel technologies, such as the Organic Rankine Cycle and absorption refrigeration, which are not currently widely adopted in the built environment. Her research is co-funded by the Imperial College President's PhD Scholarship scheme, and the Climate-KIC and European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Maria Anna is also holding an MEng in Mechanical Engineering (Distinction) and an MSc on Environmental Engineering and Business Management (Distinction).  Prior to the commencement of her PhD, she was working for a couple of years in an international engineering consultancy in London, as a designer mechanical engineer. Her main responsibilities involved the design of HVAC systems for critical facilities, such as data centres, aiming to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions, by considering novel cooling technologies.




Chatzopoulou MA, Markides C, Thermodynamic optimisation of a high-electrical efficiency integrated internal combustion engine – organic Rankine cycle combined heat and power system, Applied Energy, ISSN:0306-2619


Chatzopoulou M, Markides CN, Thermodynamic assessment of organic Rankine cycle systems during off-design operation in combined heat and power (CHP) application., 3rd Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference

Chatzopoulou MA, Keirstead J, Fisk D, et al., Informing low carbon HVAC systems modelling and design, using a Global Sensitivity analysis framework, ASME 2016 Power and Energy

Chatzopoulou MA, Keirstead J, Fisk D, et al., Characterising the impact of HVAC design variables on buildings energy performance, using a Global Sensitivity Analysis framework, CLIMA 2016 - 12th REHVA World Congress

Chatzopoulou MA, Markides CN, Modelling of advanced combined heat and power systems in building applications, 2nd Thermal and Fluid Engineering Conference TFEC2017

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