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Postgraduate student studying the "Development of a bio-inspired in silico-in vitro platform: towards personalised healthcare through optimisation of a bone marrow mimicry bioreactor" under Prof. Athanasios Mantalaris and Prof. Efstratios Pistikopoulos. Fully supported by the International Departmental Scholarship and an ERC advanced research grant (BioBlood). Holds an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Imperial College London, 2013, Honors), B.Sc. in Mathematics, and B.A. in Chemistry (Pepperdine University, 2012, Honors). 

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Allenby MC, Misener R, Panoskaltsis N, et al., 2017, A Quantitative Three-Dimensional Image Analysis Tool for Maximal Acquisition of Spatial Heterogeneity Data, Tissue Engineering Part C-methods, Vol:23, ISSN:1937-3384, Pages:108-117

Allison BJ, Allenby MC, Bryant SS, et al., 2017, Antibacterial activity of fractions from three Chumash medicinal plant extracts and in vitro inhibition of the enzyme enoyl reductase by the flavonoid jaceosidin., Nat Prod Res, Vol:31, Pages:707-712

Allenby M, Tahlawi A, Misener R, et al., 2016, Spatiotemporal mapping of erythroid, stromal, and osteogenic niche formation to support physiologic red cell production in a three-dimensional hollow fibre perfusion bioreactor, Blood, Vol:128, ISSN:0006-4971, Pages:3885-3885

Allenby MC, Tahlawi A, Dos Santos SB, et al., 2015, Development of a Hematopoietic Microenvironment for the Production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) in a Novel 3D Hollow Fibre Bioreactor, Tissue Engineering Part A, Vol:21, ISSN:1937-3341, Pages:S15-S16


Brito dos Santos S, Allenby M, Mantalaris A, et al., Early Erythroid Development Is Enhanced with Hypoxia and Terminal Maturation with Normoxia in a 3D Ex Vivo Physiologic Eythropoiesis Model, American Society of Hematology 58th Annual Meeting

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