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Umbilical cord blood cells on membrane

--Update in process after PhD award 01/11/2017--

Research associate studying the "Development of a bio-inspired in silico-in vitro platform: towards personalised healthcare through optimisation of a bone marrow mimicry bioreactor." Fully supported by the International Departmental Scholarship to Mark Allenby and an ERC advanced research grant (BioBlood) to Prof. Athanasios Mantalaris and Dr. Nicki Panoskaltsis. Holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Imperial College London, 2017, 2013, Honors), B.Sc. in Mathematics, and B.A. in Chemistry (Pepperdine University, 2012, Honors). 

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"Stem cell bioreactors: Recapitulating marrow physiology for personalised blood therapy", International Seminar Series: Researchers in Action. Univeridad de La Frontera, Chile.


"An ex vivo dynamic model of human erythropoiesis in a 3D perfusion hollow fibre bioreactor" Crick Stem Cell Forum, Francis Crick Institute, London, UK