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Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Senior Lecturer



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722Mechanical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





I am interested in understanding how physical and chemical processes impact the behaviour of energy storage devices in applications. This involves identifying the mechanisms that limit behaviour under real conditions, which I do by building electrochemical and physical models. I use experimentally observed behaviour to parametrise and validate these models, and use them further to explore ways in which their performance can be improved. I also synthesise this knowledge into reduced order models, which can be used for control algorithms in a given application.

I am working on lithium ion batteries, lithium sulfur batteries, supercapacitors and Li-ion capacitors.



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Hua X, Heckel C, Modrow N, et al., 2021, The prismatic surface cell cooling coefficient: A novel cell design optimisation tool & thermal parameterization method for a 3D discretised electro-thermal equivalent-circuit model, Etransportation, Vol:7

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Jiang Y, Offer GJ, Jiang J, et al., 2020, Voltage hysteresis model for silicon electrodes for lithium ion batteries, including multi-step phase transformations, crystallization and amorphization, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol:167, ISSN:0013-4651, Pages:1-9

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