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AB - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) are electrochemical devices where performance is dependent on reactions inside porous electrode microstructures; their complexity is inadequately described using 2D imaging. Here we use X-ray Nano-CT tomographic techniques to probe 3D electrode structures (anodes and cathodes) at micro-nanometer length scales produced using a focused ion beam. Subsequently, micro/nano structural changes in SOFC electrodes are followed and quantified to facilitate understanding changes that occur in shape, structures and morphology at high sub-100nm resolution. Time-resolved (4D) imaging revealed Ni-YSZ oxidation markedly increased above 500 ºC and LSCF densification at 700 ºC may close pores. Utilising 3D electrode data as geometric inputs for numerical models, revealed that increased strains were located at Ni-YSZ interfaces and at microstructure constrictions for both anodes and cathodes when heated. The results show nano/micro structural changes can affect the performance of SOFC electrodes. This combined experimental and modelling approach can help in establishing structure/performance relationships providing key insights important for transport, electrochemistry and strains in both SOFC anodes and cathodes and understanding sources of performance degradation.
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