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AB - The objectives of this study were to analyse the effect of inkjet 3-D printing parameters,particularly the splat overlap distance, for the fabrication of defect-free porous Al2O3 ceramicmultilayers, and to correlate the resulting porosities with the mechanical properties measured usingnanoindentation. An aqua-based alumina ink was used in this study to fabricate the multilayers ondense alumina substrates by inkjet printing. The as-printed specimens were dried and sintered at 1200– 1500 °C. The resulting microstructural features of each specimen and their corresponding porositieswere studied using FIB-SEM. Elastic modulus and hardness were determined using the sphericalnanoindentation technique. Results showed that defect-free porous alumina multilayers with excellentlayer to layer and layer to substrate integrity were successfully fabricated. The porosity-dependence ofthe elastic modulus and hardness was shown to be consistent with values predicted using empiricalexpressions, despite the presence of abnormal grain growth at higher temperatures.
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