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AB - Electrodeposition and electrodissolution reactionsof the Pb2?/Pb electrode were studied on a glassy carbonrotating disk electrode in aqueous solutions of CH3SO3H andPb(CH3SO3)2. The electrolytic parameters, kinematic viscosityand ionic conductivity, were determined with variousconcentrations of CH3SO3H and Pb(CH3SO3)2. The diffusioncoefficient of Pb2? in this electrolyte prepared with CH3SO3Hwas determined by the Levich Equation. Both the concentrationsof CH3SO3H and Pb(CH3SO3)2 were found responsiblefor the equilibrium potential shifts and exchange currentdensity variations. The electrochemical processes at the Pb2?/Pb electrode were identified as being under mixed ohmicdiffusioncontrol. The electrolyte conductivity and the ionicactivity of Pb2? were recognized as important parameters fordesigning the soluble lead redox flow cells. During constantcurrent charge–discharge measurement, the specific capacityof the Pb2?/Pb electrode was about 253 mAh g-1Pb, about98 % of the theoretical value. The impurity elements Fe, Ba,Al, and Zn in the Pb2? electrolytes prepared with recycledlead exhibited insignificant influences on the Pb2?/Pb reactions.It is reasonable to believe that the recycled lead can beapplied in soluble lead redox flow batteries, and the cost maybe further reduced with recycled lead because expensiveimpurity-control processes seemed to be avoidable.
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