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Nishi Chaturvedi is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the National Heart and Lung Institute.

Professor Chaturvedi qualified in Medicine at the University of London in 1985 and has subsequently specialised in clinical epidemiology, obtaining first an MSc and subsequently an MD in epidemiology. Professor Chaturvedi was appointed as a Lecturer at University College London in 1990, being promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1996 before moving to Imperial College in 2000.

Since 1990 Professor Chaturvedi has performed one of the largest cross sectional studies of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the UK ethnic minority community (the Brent study). This was the first UK study to report non-dipping of nocturnal ambulatory blood pressure in people of Black African descent in the UK. She was also the first to report ethnic differences in diabetes related mortality using population based cohorts of South Asians and African Caribbeans. Observations from these studies were used to support new work on pulse wave velocity, and microvascular structure and function, and their correlates with target organ damage in Europeans and African Caribbeans from the general population, and in those with diabetes. Her group have reported exaggerated microcirculatory disturbances in African Caribbeans, not accounted for by conventional cardiovascular risk factors. This work has led to grant support to follow up a large tri-ethnic (European, South Asian and African Caribbean) cohort in the UK, using state of the art vascular imaging for subclinical vascular disease, and metabolic studies (the SABRE study (Southall And Brent REvisited).

Professor Chaturvedi has also performed multi-centre observational studies and clinical trials in diabetes. This resulted in the creation of the largest cohort of type 1 diabetes (the EURODIAB cohort), which reported findings regarding the incidence of diabetic neuropathy in the New England Journal of Medicine. The EUCLID clinical trial was the first to report significant beneficial effects of blockade of the renin angiotensin system (RAS) for diabetic retinopathy, reported in The Lancet, and formed the basis of the largest trial of both retinal and renal outcomes in response to RAS blockade in diabetes to date (the DIRECT programme, with over 5000 participants, due to report late 2008).

Professor Chaturvedi has two key related interests. These are understanding and preventing diabetes associated complications, in particular, cardiovascular disease, and secondly ethnic differences in the cardiometabolic syndrome. She has developed an expertise in the use of detailed vascular physiology and metabolic studies in an epidemiological setting, to further our understanding of the mechanisms of disease.

More recently she has been collaborating on the development of a programme of work on hypertension in Pakistan, including the Wellcome Trust funded trial of community versus high risk approach to reduce the burden of hypertension, two other grants on microvascular disease and genetics and a series of MSc projects.

Professor Chaturvedi is currently the Associate Director for Industry at the co-ordinating centre for the UK Diabetes Research Network. Her work in diabetes was recognised in 2000 by the award from Diabetes UK of the RD Lawrence Lecture.



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