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Professor Nigel J.D. Graham is Professor of Environmental Engineering and his research interests are principally related to the design, operation, performance and development of a wide range of unit processes in water and wastewater treatment, and in the management of water supply systems. His research studies over 30 years have involved laboratory and pilot-scale experiment evaluations as well as process modelling and simulation. In recent years Professor Graham has focused his research studies on oxidation, coagulation and filtration processes, and in aspects of water supply network analysis.

His current portfolio of projects concern the treatability of natural organic matter, novel polymer coagulants, advanced oxidation methods (e.g. combinations of ozone and ultrasound, UV-peroxide, catalytic ozonation, ferrate with/without photocatalysis), the regeneration of activated carbon, and membrane processes (novel pre-treatment methods and membrane materials). In addition, Professor Graham has continuing interests in the development of computer-based process models (e.g. granular filtration) and water quality modelling in pipe network systems. Professor Graham's research is supported principally by the UK EPSRC Research Council, the UK Water Industry and the European Union.