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PhD Title: "Understanding the cost of mitigating climate change"

Supervisors: Dr Ajay GambhirDr Tamaryn NappDr Adam Hawkes

I am a PhD candidate based at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, and am part of the 5th cohort of the 'Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet' (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership, funded by NERC. My research is focused on understanding the cost of mitigating climate change.

Estimates of the cost of mitigating climate change have evolved over time, as technologies develop, international targets change and other key factors vary. As low-carbon technologies become cost competitive with fossil fuels, the possibility of a low-carbon transition being less costly than ever before is growing. In line with the UK Government Clean Growth Strategy's goal to ensure a minimum cost to a low-carbon future, this research will systematically investigate what the likely costs of the low-carbon transition are, both at a UK and global level.

Energy system models can provide policy relevant information on the possible pathways to a low-carbon economy. This research will analyse how such models have been used historically to generate estimates of the cost of decarbonising the economy - and critically assess how and why estimates of the cost vary between models.

A key input to energy system models is the cost of energy technologies. As the cost of low-carbon energy continues to fall, it is essential that energy system modelling takes account of the latest costs of energy supply technologies. My research will gather updated cost projections for critical mitigation technologies, to produce a dataset of key low-carbon technologies, with their current and future cost projections. Having done this, energy system modelling can be used to provide an updated estimate of the cost of mitigating climate change, both on a UK and global scale.