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Nicholas Grassly is a Professor in the Department for Infectious Disease Epidemiology. He is interested in the individual immune response to vaccination and how this translates to impact at the population level. His research group conduct both laboratory and population studies, including clinical trials with collaborators in the UK and India. A strength of his group is the development and use of rigorous statistical methods and mathematical models to analyse study data. His group is the WHO collaborating institute on polio data analysis and modelling.

He studied biology at Oxford University, trained in epidemiology at Imperial College London and learnt mathematics with the Open University. He was a Royal Society URF (2004-2011) and then Professor at Imperial College London (2011-present). He has served on various boards and committees, including the MRC Infections and Immunity Board (2012-16) and the WHO SAGE polio group (2008-present). He teaches on the MSc (Epidemiology), MPH and undergraduate biomedical courses at Imperial College London. His work is funded by the MRC, Wellcome Trust, Royal Society and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Current research interests: Infant intestinal microbiome and immune response; Causes of oral vaccine failure (rotavirus and poliovirus); Epidemiology of polio eradication and endgame strategy; Deep sequencing of sewage for poliovirus surveillance; Epidemiology and evolution of enteroviruses; Phylodynamic methods; Typhoid epidemiology in India



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