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Naresh Serou is a qualified specialist practitioner in operating theatres, currently works as a Health Services Researcher in the Centre for Medication Safety and Service Quality (CMSSQ) at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT). His work in the CMSSQ involves research into the on-screen design of electronic prescribing systems and exploring training interventions to increase safe and efficient use of electronic prescribing systems using eye tracking technology. In addition, he is exploring the unintended consequences of health information technology through identifying frameworks for successful implementation of technology.

As well as his role in ICHT, he is a Lecturer in Perioperative Practice at the University of West London, teaching on variety of undergraduate and post graduate courses related to Perioperative Practice, Research methods and Patient safety. Currently also engaged in doing his PhD on surgical safety, as a collaborative project between Newcastle University and ICHT. He is passionate about patient safety, the ‘second victim’ phenomenon, psychological safety and shared learning from incidents. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at Queen Mary University of London in 2006 and Master’s degree in surgical technology at Imperial College London in 2011.



Serou N, Sahota L, Husband AK, et al., 2017, Systematic review of psychological, emotional and behavioural impacts of surgical incidents on operating theatre staff, Bjs Open, Vol:1, ISSN:2474-9842, Pages:106-113

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