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Othman Al Musaimi is a Research Associate at the Department of Chemical Engineering, under the supervision of Professor Daryl Williams. His research interests focus on developing separation and purification methodologies for therapeutic peptide entities.

Othman has attained his Ph.D. in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry discipline, from the University of Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Albericio and Prof. Beatriz G. de la Torre. 

Othman has also undertaken a 1-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in the same group where he attained his Ph.D. degree.

During his doctoral and postdoctoral journey, he has contributed to the peptide field and published various publications that address the following aspects: developing new coupling reagents for SPPS, introducing green methodologies for SPPS, HPLC separation using PS-based stationary phases, Adopting circular economy in peptide synthesis.

Othman has joined Imperial College London on the 4th of May 2021.

Research interests

  • Peptide Separation & Purification
  • Analytical & Bioanalytical LC/LCMS methods
  • Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)
  • Green Chemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Stability studies



Al Musaimi O, Al Shaer D, de la Torre B, et al., 2021, Green circular economy applied to peptide synthesis, Chimica Oggi, Vol:39, ISSN:0392-839X, Pages:42-45

Al Musaimi O, Wisdom R, Talbiersky P, et al., 2021, Propylphosphonic anhydride (T3P®) as coupling reagent for solid‐phase peptide synthesis, Chemistryselect, Vol:6, ISSN:2365-6549, Pages:2649-2657

Al Musaimi O, Al Shaer D, Albericio F, et al., 2021, 2020 FDA TIDES (Peptides and Oligonucleotides) Harvest, Pharmaceuticals, Vol:14

Al Shaer D, Almusaimi O, de la Torre BG, et al., 2020, Hydroxamate siderophores: natural occurrence, chemical synthesis, iron binding affinity and use as Trojan horses against pathogens., European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Vol:208, ISSN:0223-5234, Pages:1-31

Alhassan M, Al Musaimi O, Collins JM, et al., 2020, Cleaving protected peptides from 2-chlorotrityl chloride resin. Moving away from dichloromethane, Green Chemistry, Vol:22, ISSN:1463-9262, Pages:2840-2845

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