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Computational Fluid Dynamics - ME4-MCFD


Course aims

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to the theory and application of computational techniques for predicting fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in nature, industrial plants and process equipment. Lectures are given on the main elements of the methodology underlying the majority of CFD computer codes, including the governing differential equations and numerical methods for solving them. The ten lectures are complemented by ten tutorials.

 The lectures are followed by two coursework projects. In the first project, the students will individually develop a one- and two-dimensional code in Matlab to predict fully developed channel flow and explore the solution methodology.

 In the second project the students will gain experience in the use of Star-CCM+ - a widely used commercial CFD software package – to explore a range of flow problems, in the manner of a laboratory experiment. Typical problems are flow over and around an Indy car, flow through a duct, flow over and around a motor car and flow over an aircraft. Groups perform the computer exploration and reporting thereon and this provides the additional benefits of improving collaboration and communication skills.


ECTS units: 7  

Contributing to Course Elements: 7 to ME4-mLCTVS Electives



Course Leader