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Prateek Bansal is a postdoctoral research associate of the Transport Strategy Centre (TSC) within the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) at Imperial College.

His current research interests are: a) Fast, scalable, and online inference in discrete choice models using variational Bayes; b) Causal inference methods in transit systems with structural correlations; cAddressing endogeneity in choice models using entropy-based framework.

His doctoral research focused on advancing the estimation of discrete choice models, with their applications in travel behavior modelling. The key areas of contribution are semi-parametric heterogeneity,  t-distributed error kernel, minorization-maximization algorithms, quadrature methods to approximate multi-dimensional integrals, and design of choice experiments. 


He joined Prof. Dan Graham's group at the TSC in August 2019. Before joining Imperial College, he received PhD from Cornell University, MS from UT Austin, and B.Tech from IIT Delhi.



Bansal P, Liu Y, Daziano R, et al., 2020, Impact of discerning reliability preferences of riders on the demand for mobility-on-demand services, Transportation Letters, Vol:12, ISSN:1942-7867, Pages:677-681

Liu Y, Bansal P, Daziano R, et al., 2019, A framework to integrate mode choice in the design of mobility-on-demand systems, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Vol:105, ISSN:0968-090X, Pages:648-665

Bansal P, Daziano RA, Sunder N, 2019, Arriving at a decision: A semi-parametric approach to institutional birth choice in India, Journal of Choice Modelling, Vol:31, ISSN:1755-5345, Pages:86-103

Bansal P, Hurtubia R, Tirachini A, et al., 2019, Flexible estimates of heterogeneity in crowding valuation in the New York City subway, Journal of Choice Modelling, Vol:31, ISSN:1755-5345, Pages:124-140

Bansal P, Kockelman KM, Schievelbein W, et al., 2018, Indian vehicle ownership and travel behavior: A case study of Bengaluru, Delhi and Kolkata, Research in Transportation Economics, Vol:71, ISSN:0739-8859, Pages:2-8

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