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Dr Paula Cunnea obtained her primary BSc degree in Biomedical Science/Applied Science from Dublin Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in 1997. Paula achieved her PhD in December 2006 following post-graduate research in the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Paula worked as a postdoctoral researcher in National University of Ireland Galway and Queen's University Belfast, in particular in the Ovarian Cancer Research Laboratory of Dr Hilary Russell and Professor Peter Hall.

In 2012, Paula joined the Molecular Therapy Laboratory in the Ovarian Cancer Action Research centre to work on a collaborative FP7 European Union funded project (Ovarian Cancer Therapy – Innovative Models Prolong Survival, OCTIPS) with Dr Euan Stronach and Professor Hani Gabra, aiming to identify and characterise the cell population within an ovarian tumour that causes the patient to relapse, and to develop novel therapies in innovative model systems to combat the development of resistance to chemotherapy. Since 2016, Paula leads multiple multidisciplinary projects in the area of platinum resistance and development of novel therapeutics. Current research interests with the Surgery and Bioengineering group of Professor Christina Fotopoulou focus on tumour heterogeneity in high grade serous ovarian cancer and applying bioengineering approaches in ovarian cancer.



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