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As Director of the Manchester-Diamond Collaboration, my current research focuses on using synchrotron imaging techniques to improving our understanding of microstructural development during the processing of materials. As a visiting Prof. at Imperial, my collaborations and PhD students at Imperial focus on combining these world leading imaging technqiues with the best modelling and simulations technqiues available at Imperial. These are applications are in a wide range of areas, including: advanced alloys (working with Drs Gourlay, Dye, and Prof. Lin in Mechanical Eng.); biomaterials (working with Profs Julian Jones and Molly Stevens); mining and energy applications (working with Prof. Cilliers and Dr Neethling in ESE). All of these applications focus on developing and applying synchrotron and laboratory x-ray imaging techniques, combined with In-house developed models of the micro/nano-structure formation. These are coupled into microstructure-explicit constitutive equations of materials behaviour forming multiscale through-process models to predict the final properties of components, also termed Integrated Computaional Materials Modelling.

Visiting academic researchers have included:

  •  Dr. Jonathan Miller, Air Force Research Laboratory, US, Visiting Scientist, 2009
  • Dr. Ade Makinde, GE Global Research Centre, US, Visiting Scientist, 2008-9
  • Prof. Zhigang Lu, Tsinghua University, 6 month visiting scientist, 2007-8
  • Prof. Qiang Zhang, Harbin Institute of Technology, Visiting Scientist for 1 year from Apr. 2007.
  • Prof. Subodh Kumar, Indian Institute for Science, Visiting Scientist for 4 months spring 2005.
  • Prof. Yutao Zhao, Central South University, Changsha Visiting for 1 year from Oct. 2004
  • Prof. Shengzhong Kou, Lanzhou University of Technology, awarded a prestigious Chinese grant Visiting for 1 year from May 2004
  • Prof. Daan Maijer, Univ. of British Columbia, on secondment to work collaboratively with me on through process modelling. Visited for four months in 2003
  • Takahiro Fukui, Aisin Takaoka, working with myself, Harvey Flower and Trevor Lindley. Visited for one year, 2001-2002.
  • Prof. Zhihua Zhu, Central South University, China, working with myself and Richard Dashwood. Visited for one year, 2001-2002
  • Dr Hiromi Nagaumi, Nippon Light Metal, He has visited twice, two months in 2000 and again in 2001


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