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AB - We study a chemical kinetic system with uncertainty modeling a generegulatory network in biology. Specifically, we consider a system of twoequations for the messenger RNA and micro RNA content of a cell. Our target isto provide a simple framework for noise buffering in gene expression throughmicro RNA production. Here the uncertainty, modeled by random variables, entersthe system through the initial data and the source term. We obtain a sharpdecay rate of the solution to the steady state, which reveals that the biologysystem is not sensitive to the initial perturbation around the steady state.The sharp regularity estimate leads to the stability of the generalizedPolynomial Chaos stochastic Galerkin (gPC-SG) method. Based on the smoothnessof the solution in the random space and the stability of the numerical method,we conclude the gPC-SG method has spectral accuracy. Numerical experiments areconducted to verify the theoretical findings.
AU - Degond,P
AU - Jin,S
AU - Zhu,Y
TI - An Uncertainty Quantification Approach to the Study of Gene Expression Robustness
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