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AB - Pseudostratified epithelia (PSE) are a common type of columnar epithelia found in a wealth of embryonic and adult tissues such as ectodermal placodes, the trachea, the ureter, the gut and the neuroepithelium. PSE are characterized by the choreographed displacement of cells’ nuclei along the apicobasal axis according to phases of their cell cycle. Such movements, called interkinetic movements (INM) have been proposed to influence tissue expansionand shape and suggested as culprit in several congenital diseases such as CAKUT(Congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract)and esophageal atresia. INM rely on cytoskeleton dynamics just as adhesion, contractility and mitosis do. Therefore, long term impairment of INM without affecting proliferation and adhesion is currently technically unachievable. Here we bypassed this hurdle by generating a 2D agent-based model of a proliferating PSE and compared its output to the growth of the chick neuroepitheliumto assess the interplay between INM and these other importantcell processes during growth of a PSE. We found that INM directly generates apical expansion and apical nuclear crowding. In addition, our data strongly suggest that apicobasal elongation of cells is not an emerging property of a proliferative PSE but rather requires a specific elongation program. We then discuss how such program might functionally link INM, tissue growth and differentiation.
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TI - Interkinetic nuclear movements promote apical expansion in pseudostratified epithelia at the expense of apicobasal elongation
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