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AB - We investigate the long-time dynamics of an opinion formation model inspired by a work by Borghesi, Bouchaud and Jensen. First, we derive a Fokker–Planck-type equation under the assumption that interactions between individuals produce little consensus of opinion (grazing collision approximation). Second, we study conditions under which the Fokker–Planck equation has non-trivial equilibria and derive the macroscopic limit (corresponding to the long-time dynamics and spatially localized interactions) for the evolution of the mean opinion. Finally, we compare two different types of interaction rates: the original one given in the work of Borghesi, Bouchaud and Jensen (symmetric binary interactions) and one inspired from works by Motsch and Tadmor (non-symmetric binary interactions). We show that the first case leads to a conservative model for the density of the mean opinion whereas the second case leads to a non-conservative equation. We also show that the speed at which consensus is reached asymptotically for these two rates has fairly different density dependence.
AU - Degond,P
AU - Liu,J-G
AU - Merino-Aceituno,S
AU - Tardiveau,T
DO - 10.1142/S021820251740005X
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SN - 1793-6314
TI - Continuum dynamics of the intention field under weakly cohesive social interaction
T2 - Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
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