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AB - We provide a numerical study of the macroscopic model of Barré et al.(Multiscale Model Simul, 2017, to appear) derived from an agent-based model for asystem of particles interacting through a dynamical network of links. Assuming thatthe network remodeling process is very fast, the macroscopic model takes the formof a single aggregation–diffusion equation for the density of particles. The theoreticalstudy of the macroscopic model gives precise criteria for the phase transitions ofthe steady states, and in the one-dimensional case, we show numerically that thestationary solutions of the microscopic model undergo the same phase transitions andbifurcation types as the macroscopic model. In the two-dimensional case, we show that the numerical simulations of the macroscopic model are in excellent agreement withthe predicted theoretical values. This study provides a partial validation of the formalderivation of the macroscopic model from a microscopic formulation and shows thatthe former is a consistent approximation of an underlying particle dynamics, makingit a powerful tool for the modeling of dynamical networks at a large scale.
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