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AB - Motivated by recent experimental and computational results that show amotility-induced clustering transition in self-propelled particle systems, westudy an individual model and its corresponding Self-Organized Hydrodynamicmodel for collective behaviour that incorporates a density-dependent velocity,as well as inter-particle alignment. The modal analysis of the hydrodynamicmodel elucidates the relationship between the stability of the equilibria andthe changing velocity, and the formation of clusters. We find, in agreementwith earlier results for non-aligning particles, that the key criterion forstability is $(\rho v(\rho))'> 0$, i.e. a non-rapid decrease of velocity withdensity. Numerical simulation for both the individual and hydrodynamic modelswith a velocity function inspired by experiment demonstrates the validity ofthe theoretical results.
AU - Degond,P
AU - Henkes,S
AU - Yu,H
TI - Self-Organized Hydrodynamics with nonconstant velocity
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