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AB - In last years a great interest was brought to molecular transport problems atnanoscales, such as surface diffusion or molecular flows in nano orsub-nano-channels. In a series of papers V. D. Borman, S. Y. Krylov, A. V.Prosyanov and J. J. M. Beenakker proposed to use kinetic theory in order toanalyze the mechanisms that determine mobility of molecules in nanoscalechannels. This approach proved to be remarkably useful to give new insight onthese issues, such as density dependence of the diffusion coefficient. In thispaper we revisit these works to derive the kinetic and diffusion modelsintroduced by V. D. Borman, S. Y. Krylov, A. V. Prosyanov and J. J. M.Beenakker by using classical tools of kinetic theory such as scaling andsystematic asymptotic analysis. Some results are extended to less restrictivehypothesis.
AU - Aoki,K
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DO - 10.3934/krm.2011.4.53
TI - A hierarchy of models related to nanoflows and surface diffusion
T2 - Kinetic and Related Models, 4 (2011), pp. 53-85
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