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Peter is an integrated petroleum geoscientist and engineer with interests and experience in petrophysics, statistical applications, sedimentology & stratigraphy, subsurface modelling and flow simulation.

As a Senior Teaching Fellow in Petroleum Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering his time is focussed on the two taught masters courses. Peter teaches the "Introduction to Petroleum Geology" and "Well Log Petrophysics" courses, leads petroleum engineering aspects of the Wytch Farm Field Development Project and contributes to a number of other lecture courses. Peter co-leads field courses to the Wessex Basin for Petrolem Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering, and Metal and Energy Finance MSc students. He also co-leads the West Texas carbonate field course for the Petroleum Geoscience students.

By supervising MSc research projects Peter continues to explore his interests in (1) the characterisation of complex hydrocarbon reservoirs through their sedimentological and petrophysical properties; particularly the application of geostatistical techniques to the identification and quantification of key features (heterogeneities) in the subsurface, and (2) investigate which heterogeneities are important controls on fluid flow through carbonate rocks at different scales, and in various hydrocarbon production scenarios; looking to identify what geological and physical property heterogeneities should be captured in subsurface reservoir models.


  • Diploma in University Learning & Teaching, Imperial College London (2016-2017)
  • PG Certificate in University Learning & Teaching, Imperial College London (2015-2016)
  • Senior Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London (2015-Present)
  • Research Fellow, Imperial College London (2012-2015)
  • Research intern, ExxonMobil Ustream Research, Houston (2012)
  • PDRA, Imperial College London: Outcrop modelling, carbonate heterogeneities and fluid flow (2010-2012)
  • PGRA, Univesity of Leicester, "Physical Properties of Cenozoic Carbonate Sediments - determining cyclicity & heterogeneity from core and downhole data (IODP Exp. 320)". (2009)
  • Physical Properties Specialist, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Expedition 320 - Pacific Equatorial Age Transect (2009)
  • Intern, Baker Hughes INTEQ, Geoscience Application and Engineering, Houston (2007)
  • PhD, University of Leicester / BG Group: "Heterogeneity in the Petrophysical Properties of Carbonate Reservoirs" (2005-2010)
  • Research Assistant, University of Leicester: Aggregate industrial project - "Waste minimization by the application of integrated technology" (2005)
  • M.Geol Geology, University of Leicester (2000-2004)



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Fitch PJR, Lovell MA, Davies SJ, et al., 2015, An integrated and quantitative approach to petrophysical heterogeneity, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol:63, ISSN:1873-4073, Pages:82-96


Bell RE, Orme H, Jackson CA-L, et al., Geometry and growth of segmented thrust faults influences hydraulic connectivity in accretionary wedges: New Insights from 3D seismic reflection data, AGU Fall meeting

Bell RE, Orme H, Lenette K, et al., Geometry and kinematics of accretionary wedge faults inherited from the structure and rheology of the incoming sedimentary section; insights from 3D seismic reflection, EGU General Assembly

Fitch P, Jackson M, Hampson G, et al., 2014, The impact of stratigraphic and facies architecture on flow in carbonate reservoirs; an integrated approach using comparative modeling techniques, AAPG ACE

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