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AB - Anab initiostudy of the effects of implicit and explicit hosts on the excited state properties ofpentacene and its nitrogen-based derivatives has been performed using ground state density func-tional theory (DFT), time-dependent DFT and SCF. We observe a significant solvatochromicredshift in the excitation energy of the lowest singlet state (S1) of pentacene from inclusion inap-terphenyl host compared to vacuum; for an explicit host consisting of six nearest neighbourp-terphenyls, we obtain a redshift of 65 meV while a conductor-like polarisable continuum model(CPCM) yields a 78 meV redshift. Comparison is made between the excitonic properties of pen-tacene and four of its nitrogen-based analogues, 1,8-, 2,9-, 5,12-, and 6,13-diazapentacene with thelatter found to be the most distinct due to local distortions in the ground state electronic struc-ture. We observe that a CPCM is insufficient to fully understand the impact of the host due tothe presence of a mild charge-transfer (CT) coupling between the chromophore and neighbouringp-terphenyls, a phenomenon which can only be captured using an explicit model. The strengthof this CT interaction increases as the nitrogens are brought closer to the central acene ring ofpentacene.
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