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Mechanics - ME1-HMCX


  • To provide students with the ability to derive, from first principles, mathematical descriptions of mechanics applications.
  • To use these descriptions to solve a wide range of mechanics problems.
  • To relate these problems and their solutions to the design, manufacture, longevity and safe use of engineering structures and products.

ECTS units:    5   


Associate Course Leader

Machine Learning - ME4-mMCL


This module aims to introduce engineering students to Machine Learning (ML). ML is an increasingly high-profile technology, having huge impact across a number of areas. Future engineers are likely to come across ML in some form in their careers; they could be required to solve problems where ML may provide a solution, or may have to assess an existing ML approach which has been developed. This course therefore aims to provide today's engineering graduates with an understanding of ML techniques, including being able to critically assess whether or not ML is suitable for a problem, as well as what type of algorithm would be best and what may be required to implement it. 


Course Leader