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I recently started a National Environmental Research Council funded PhD focusing on the impacts of environmental change on vector-borne disease dynamics. Traditional epidemiological models tend not to account for vector biology or ecology. My work at Imperial aims to address this by investigating functional vector traits, and establishing the extent to which individual variation within populations is influenced by environmental factors, such as changes in temperature and diet. Trait variation may play an important role in determining the ability of mosquitoes, for example, to transmit potentially fatal diseases to humans and wildlife.

Prior to Imperial, I studied Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health at Edinburgh. During my MSc, I investigated the range expansion of a non-native bamboo in Japanese socio-ecological systems, known as Satoyama. These systems could offer much in terms of guiding us in limiting the damage caused by our interactions with the natural environment, though Satoyama are under threat and require urgent attention.

These research interest areas are brought together by an overarching interest in contributing to our understanding of global environmental change, and its impacts on human and ecosystem health. I’m excited to collaborate with my peers, experienced academics and staff within the Grantham Institute, the Department for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, and Life Sciences in order to meet this challenge.