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Peter Jenkins is a Guarantors of Brain funded Clinical Fellow. He has a BMBCh from Oxford University and a Double First in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

The aims of his research are to investigate the role of dopamine dysregulation in traumatic brain injury and how this affects cognition. 



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Feeney C, Sharp DJ, Hellyer PJ, et al., 2017, Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Levels are Associated with Improved White Matter Recovery after Traumatic Brain Injury, Annals of Neurology, Vol:82, ISSN:0364-5134, Pages:30-43

Jenkins PO, Mehta MA, Sharp DJ, 2016, Catecholamines and cognition after traumatic brain injury, Brain, Vol:139, ISSN:0006-8950, Pages:2345-2371

De Simoni S, Grover PJ, Jenkins PO, et al., 2016, Disconnection between the default mode network and medial temporal lobes in post-traumatic amnesia, Brain, Vol:139, ISSN:0006-8950, Pages:3137-3150


Scott G, Jolly A, Jenkins PO, et al., 2016, THE EFFECT OF MINOCYCLINE ON NEUROINFLAMMATION AFTER BRAIN TRAUMA, Annual Meeting of the Association-of-British-Neurologists (ABN), BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, ISSN:0022-3050

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