Imperial College London

Professor Paul D. Lickiss

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Professor of Organometallic Chemistry



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601DMolecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





Paul Lickiss, Professor of Organometallic Chemistry, is interested in the chemistry of main group compounds, particularly organosilicon compounds.  Research is currently focused in several areas. 

The synthesis of metal-organic frameworks, particularly containing main group elements as the metal node, and organosilicon compounds as the linkers between the nodes is being studied.  New extended reach ligands containing siloxane, Si-O-Si, linkages are also being used as linkers.  These new framework materials have potential for gas capture and storage, such as carbon dioxide capture and hydrogen storage.  They also have potential in catalysis and for selective binding of a variety of molecules.

Our interest in compounds containing Si-O bonds such as silanols and siloxanes concentrates on the synthesis, characterisation and uses of cubic silsesquioxanes. The use of low molecular weight siloxanes as potential non-polar solvents for a variety of chemical transformations is also being investigated in collaboration with Professor T. Welton.

The use of bulky groups to promote new reaction pathways and novel structural features has led to bridged Si cations being prepared. The fundamentals of organosilicon reaction mechanisms are of continuing interest to the group.    



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