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AB - Sound source localization and tracking algorithms provide estimatesof the positional information about active sound sources in acous-tic environments. Despite substantial advances and significant in-terest in the research community, a comprehensive benchmarkingcampaign of the various approaches using a common database ofaudio recordings has, to date, not been performed. The aim of theIEEE-AASP Challenge on sound source localization and tracking(LOCATA) is to objectively benchmark state-of-the-art localizationand tracking algorithms using an open-access data corpus of record-ings for scenarios typically encountered in audio and acoustic signalprocessing applications. The challenge tasks range from the local-ization of a single source with a static microphone array to trackingof multiple moving sources with a moving microphone array. Thispaper provides an overview of the challenge tasks, describes the per-formance measures used for evaluation of the LOCATA Challenge,and presents baseline results for the development dataset.
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