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Professor in Mechanics of Composites MSc, PhD

Administrative Duties

Head, Department of Aeronautics

I joined Imperial College in 1988 as a lecturer having previously worked for Buro Happold Consulting Engineers and British Aerospace Space and Communications Division as a structural engineer.

My research interests lie in polymer matrix composites. My earlier work had a particular focus on the susceptibility of these materials to delamination and included the development and investigation of tests for characterising delamination resistance and methods for predicting delamination development in composite components due to static, impact and fatigue loading. More recently my research has included development and investigation of ductile composite architectures (I am a co-I on the EPSRC Programme Grant High Performance Ductile Composite Technologies), morphing structures, and controllable stiffness and shape memory composites. I am also a co-I on the Clean Sky 2 project ‘Structural Health Monitoring, Manufacturing and Repair Technologies for Life Management of Composite Fuselage’ (SHERLOC).



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Guiamatsia I, Falzon BG, Davies GAO, et al., Improving Composite Damage Modelling through Automatic Placement of Cohesive Elements, 49th AIAA SDM conference

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