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AB - A spatially-lumped dynamic model of a reciprocating-piston expander is presented in this paper. The model accounts for the three main loss mechanisms in realistic piston machines, namely: pressure losses through the intake and exhaust valves, heat transfer between the gas and the surrounding cylinder walls, and the mass leakagebetween the compression/expansion chamber and the crankcasethrough the piston rings. The model also accounts for real-gas effects with the fluid properties calculated from the NIST database using REFPROP. The numerical calculations are first compared with experimental pressure-volume-temperature data obtained on a custom reciprocating-piston gas spring over a range of oscillation frequencies. The comparison between numerical and experimental results shows good agreement. It also allows the most accurate heat transfer correlationto be selectedfor calculating the gas-to-wallin-cylinderheat transfer. The semi-heuristic modelling tool is thenused to design an expander forspecific pressure ratiosand mass flowrate, and to predict the thermodynamic performance of the piston device over arange of part-load conditions.
AU - Sapin,PMC
AU - Simpson,M
AU - White,AJ
AU - Markides,C
PY - 2017///
TI - Lumped dynamic analysis and design of a high-performance reciprocating-piston expander
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