Imperial College London


Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology



+44 (0)20 7594 5384p.spanu Website




610Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Research Interests

  • Genomics of Powdery Mildews
  • Biology of Powdery Mildew Effectors and their targets



Spanu PD, 2017, Cereal immunity against powdery mildews targets RNase-Like Proteins associated with Haustoria (RALPH) effectors evolved from a common ancestral gene, New Phytologist, Vol:213, ISSN:0028-646X, Pages:969-971

Spanu PD, Panstruga R, 2017, Editorial: Biotrophic Plant-Microbe Interactions, Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol:8, ISSN:1664-462X

Albaser A, Kazana E, Bennett MH, et al., 2016, Discovery of a Bacterial Glycoside Hydrolase Family 3 (GH3) beta-Glucosidase with Myrosinase Activity from a Citrobacter Strain Isolated from Soil, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Vol:64, ISSN:0021-8561, Pages:1520-1527

Bindschedler LV, Panstruga R, Spanu PD, 2016, Mildew-Omics: How Global Analyses Aid the Understanding of Life and Evolution of Powdery Mildews, Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol:7, ISSN:1664-462X


Laur JR, Ramakrishnan G, Labbe C, et al., 2017, A transcriptomic approach to elucidate the mode of action of the biocontrol agent Pseudozyma flocculosa toward powdery mildews, Joint Meeting of the APS-Caribbean-Division and the Latin-American-Phytopathological-Society and the Mexican-Society-of-Phytopathology, AMER PHYTOPATHOLOGICAL SOC, Pages:9-9, ISSN:0031-949X

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