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I am an Imperial College Research Fellow (ICRF) based in the MRC centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis.

The focus of my fellowship is to use modelling to improve our understanding of the impact and cost-effectiveness of community-based interventions against pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria in children living in LMICs. I am working to develop models of community health workers (CHWs) working within the integrated community case management (iCCM) framework to improve diagnosis and treatment of these major causes of childhood mortality.

I continue to work on many projects that aim to provide insight and policy-relevant recommendations for applied questions in malaria control such as, optimal intervention packages, prioritisation of interventions and allocation of funding.

I currently co-supervise three PhD students who are involved in exciting research modelling the epidemiology of malaria in India, developing models of Taenia solium pork tape worm and investigating the economic optimisations and trade-offs of infectious disease elimination and control.



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