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Philip Sandwell

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Research Postgraduate



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Philip Sandwell is a PhD student in the Department of Physics under the supervison of Professor Jenny Nelson FRS and Dr Ned Ekins-Daukes. His project addresses the potential of photovoltaic (PV) technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Philip works on the potential of solar PV to bring electricity to rural areas of developing countries. This spans topics such as electricity demand estimation, technological performance of PV modules and battery storage, integration with other generation technologies as part of a hybrid system, and analysing their impact in terms of cost and CO2 mitigation potential.

He also focuses on the life cycle analysis of PV, especially emerging technologies such as concentrator and printable PV, as well as the influence of innovations in manufacture and deployment on reducing their lifetime impact on the environment.

Philip is funded by the Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment and Climate-KIC, and he received a Santander Mobility Award in 2014-15 to conduct research in Brazil. Previously, he was awarded a First Class Honours BSc and MSci degree in Physics with Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Sandwell P, Chan NLA, Foster S, et al., 2016, Off-grid solar photovoltaic systems for rural electrification and emissions mitigation in India, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol:156, ISSN:0927-0248, Pages:147-156

Emmott CJM, Moia D, Sandwell P, et al., 2016, In-situ, long-term operational stability of organic photovoltaics for off-grid applications in Africa, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol:149, ISSN:0927-0248, Pages:284-293

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