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I’m a PhD candidate on NERC and the Grantham Institute's Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP program, supervised by Dr. Kris Murray and Prof. Mat Fisher.

My resarch focusses on the ecological interactions of lineages of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), a fungal pathogen of amphibians. Bd has been described as causing ‘the most devastating loss of vertebrate biodiversity due to disease in recorded history’ but only one of it’s five phylogenetically distinct lineages, BdGPL, is behind all the known mass amphibian mortalities to date. My interest is in establishing whether these lineages are co-existing or competing with each other with a view to increasing our understanding of how the movement of pathogen strains around the world could impact disease epidemiology and host survival.



Ghosh P, Fisher MC, 2016, Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde: Risky hybrid sex by amphibian-parasitizing chytrids in the Brazilian Atlantic Forests, Molecular Ecology, Vol:25, ISSN:0962-1083, Pages:2961-2963

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