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Qianqian Li is a senior lecturer in Composites in the Aeronautics Department at Imperial College London.  She received her PhD in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. She then did her post-doc at the University of Erlangen in Germany and was leading the research in the area of Nanoparticle Reinforced Ligh Metal Composites. Her primary research interests are in the field of manufracturing and characterisation of the nanoparticle reinforced composites, including polymer and metal matrices.



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Fomenko LS, Lubenets S, Natsik VD, et al., 2019, Investigation of the low-temperature mechanical behavior of elastomers and their carbon nanotube composites using microindentation, Low Temperature Physics, Vol:45, ISSN:1063-777X, Pages:568-576

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Brandley E, Li Q, Greenhalgh E, et al., 2017, Full paper – Alignment study of CNT veils and the influence on their composites, 21 st International Conference on Composite Materials

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