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Bale R, Moran H, 2020, Reflections on peer facilitation of graduate teaching assistant training, Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice, Vol: 8, Pages: 157-162, ISSN: 2051-9788

This paper outlines a recently designed programme of training for graduate teaching assistants (GTAs), focusing on peer elements embedded in the programme. In particular, we describe our approach to co-facilitation of training, with sessions facilitated by the GTA programme lead and an experienced Peer GTA. Peer GTAs have at least one year of teaching experience and are able to provide practical, contextualised and discipline-specific input, which helps to address the challenge of balancing generic and discipline-specific training in GTA programmes. We describe a small case study of co-facilitation and reflect on the benefits of this approach for new GTAs and for the Peer GTAs themselves. The paper is co-authored by the GTA programme lead and a Peer GTA, who provides first-hand reflections on her experiences.

Journal article

Bale R, 2020, Teaching With Confidence in Higher Education Applying Strategies from the Performing Arts, Publisher: Routledge, ISBN: 9780367193638

Encouraging the creation of inclusive learning experiences which place the student centre stage, the book offers insights into how this can be achieved through performative techniques.


Bale R, 2019, Students as partners in modern languages: An evaluation of student teaching assistants in an institution-wide language programme, New Pathways in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Editors: Galani, Tseligka, Pages: 7-20, ISBN: 978-960-233-248-1

Book chapter

Bale RJ, Ehrensberger-Dow M, Pescia De Lellis L, 2017, Swiss energy policy in translation, Energiediskurs in der Schweiz, Editors: Kleinberger, Rosenberger, Bern, Publisher: Peter Lang, ISBN: 978-3-0343-2580-6

Book chapter

Bale RJ, 2017, STA(r)s in the classroom: supporting collaborative learning with Student Teaching Assistants, Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Editors: Branch, Hayes, Hørsted, Nygaard, Publisher: Libri

Book chapter

Hayes S, Bale RJ, Bhoola T, Jack K, Johnsson C, Kalyn Bet al., 2017, Innovative teaching and learning practices using student partnerships, Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Editors: Branch, Hayes, Hørsted, Nygaard, Publisher: Libri

Book chapter

Bale RJ, 2016, Online to on stage: towards a performative approach to interpreter education, Scenario, Vol: 10, Pages: 8-21, ISSN: 1649-8526

Spoken language interpreting is a complex task involving comprehension of a source language message and subsequent production of this in the target language, all of which happens at a fast pace and often in front of an audience. Building on research conducted in language learning and drama-based pedagogies, this paper takes stock of recent technological developments in interpreter education, and proposes that a renewed focus on the interpreter as a language user and as a performer is necessary.

Journal article

Bale RJ, 2016, Promoting learner autonomy through spoken corpora, International Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Vol: 5, Pages: 121-143, ISSN: 1689-7765

Journal article

Jekat S, Prontera D, Bale RJ, 2015, On the perception of audio description: developing a model to compare films and their audio described versions, Transkom: Zeitschrift für Translationswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation, Vol: 8, Pages: 446-464, ISSN: 1867-4844

Journal article

Bale R, 2015, An evaluation of spoken corpus-based resources in undergraduate interpreter training, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, Vol: 25, Pages: 23-45, ISSN: 0802-6106

Journal article

Bale R, 2013, Undergraduate Consecutive Interpreting and Lexical Knowledge, The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, Vol: 7, Pages: 27-50, ISSN: 1750-399X

Journal article

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