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Marketing for Entrepreneurship - BS1413


The aim of the module is to demonstrate that International Marketing is essentially about understanding the ways in which an international organisation can serve its customers better than its competitors, and continue to do so over time. More specifically the aim is to introduce key marketing concepts, to understand the principles of marketing analysis, and how marketing is an essential element of global business strategic planning.


Course Leader

Strategic Marketing - BS1705


The aim of the module is to facilitate understanding of how strategic marketing can enable an organisation to serve its customers and markets more effectively and profitably than its competitors. The module aims to introduce strategic marketing concepts, to apply key principles of strategic marketing analysis, and to enable students to understand the role of marketing as an essential element of strategic business planning.

Knowledge Objectives

Students will develop a sound understanding of the following concepts:

  • strategic marketing dynamics and orientation
  • market segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • consumer / business buying behaviour and decision making
  • marketing research
  • strategic marketing mix - product development, promotion, pricing and distribution
  • relationship and services marketing
  • strategic brand management
  • digital marketing and new media

Skill Objectives

Students will learn:

  • how to develop necessary skills, tools and concepts to undertake strategic marketing analysis;
  • how to develop effective marketing strategies which provide strategic differentiation, and which result in sustainable competitive advantage / profitability.

The module is practical and managerial, and focuses on how strategic marketing criteria can influence customers to differentiate between competitive offerings and purchasing decisions. 


Course Leader