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Dr Rob Davies

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Senior Lecturer



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461AChemistrySouth Kensington Campus





Rob Davies is a member of the Synthesis Section with expertese in organometallic and coordination chemistry. Main research themes in the Davies groups include the development and study of copper-based reagents and catalysts and research on Metal Organic Framework (MOF) and related materials with applications in catalysis, gas storage and capture (including carbon dioxide capture) and medicine - see Research for more details .

Rob graduated from the University of Bristol with a first class degree, before going to St John’s College, Cambridge to study for his PhD on organolithium chemistry with Ron Snaith.  He was subsequently appointed to a three year Research Fellowship at St Catharines College Cambridge before moving to Imperial College London where he was awarded a Governors' lectureship.

PhD AND POST-DOCtoral Positions

PhD positions are available each year, usually starting in October. There are a number of scholarships available through the College for high quality candidates from the UK or overseas. Applications from candidates applying for other external scholarships are also encouraged.  Details on how to apply can be found at Informal enquiries are recommended as early as possible and in the first case candidates should contact Dr Davies by e-mail at with a copy of their CV.

Specific post-doctoral vacancies will be advertised, however enquiries from outstanding candidates seeking support for external fellowship applications are welcome at any time. Please include a CV and cover letter, detailing potential funding agencies. Applicants with experience in coordination chemistry (including MOFs), organometallic chemistry or catalysis are particularly welcome.





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