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Reader in Space Physics

My scientific interests lie in understanding the large scale structure and dynamics of the heliospheric magnetic field, the solar wind in which it is embedded, and their relationship and response to the structures present in the Sun’s atmosphere, the corona.  In particular I have played a leading role in exploiting the magnetic field data from the Ulysses spacecraft, the first and only spacecraft to explore the polar regions of the heliosphere, which ceased operations in 2009 after 18 years, well through its third orbit around the Sun.

My current activities are directed at exploiting multi-point observation opportunities provided by the fleet of in-situ spacecraft presently operating in the inner heliosphere (STEREO, ACE, WIND, Artemis, Venus Express, Messenger) in combination with remote sensing observations of the corona and heliosphere from STEREO.



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Good SW, Forsyth RJ, 2016, Interplanetary coronal mass ejections observed by MESSENGER and Venus Express, Solar Physics, Vol:291, ISSN:1573-093X, Pages:239-263

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