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Business Economics - BS0602


Economics provides us with a useful set of tools for analysing the world and aiding decision-making by businesses and governments.  This module aims to give students an overview of many of these tools and of the insights that can be obtained with them, concentrating on those most relevant to businesses.  This means that most of the lectures are on microeconomic topics, looking at the actions of firms and of individuals, but the module concludes with some coverage of macroeconomic problems and policies, looking at the economy as a whole and its international context.  Students who complete this module should be able to read the business and economics pages of a quality newspaper and assess the arguments they contain.


Course Leader

Energy Economics & Policy - SEF03


· To introduce students with engineering and physical science backgrounds to a selection of the key issues in energy economics and policy, emphasising how these topics must be considered closely with technology development initiatives.

· To develop a general foundation in energy economics and policy that allows students to engage effectively with the literature, so they can explore areas that it is not possible to develop within the limited time frame of the course.

· To develop skills in synthesis and critical analysis as applied to the energy literature, to a level appropriate for a beginning researcher in this area.

· To develop elementary skills in writing technical reports, that can be built on in later components of the MSc.