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Sebilleau F, Issa RI, Walker SP, 2015, Analysis of Turbulence Modelling Approaches to Simulate Single-phase Buoyancy Driven Counter-current Flow in a Tilted Tube, Flow Turbulence and Combustion, Vol:96, ISSN:1573-1987, Pages:95-132

Cinosi N, Walker SP, Bluck MJ, et al., 2014, CFD simulation of turbulent flow in a rod bundle with spacer grids (MATIS-H) using STAR-CCM, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol:279, ISSN:0029-5493, Pages:37-49


Sebilleau F, Issa RI, Walker SP, et al., 2015, CFD and experimental analysis of single phase buoyancy driven counter-current flow in a pipe, Pages:1275-1288

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