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AB - This paper describes theresults obtained from a field testing campaign on laterally-loaded monopiles conducted at Cowden, UK, where the soil consists principally of aheavilyoverconsolidatedglacial till. These tests formed part of the PISA projecton the development of improved design methods for monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines. Results obtained for monotonic loading tests on piles of three different diameters (0.273m, 0.762m and 2.0m) are presented. The piles had length-to-diameter ratios (L/D) of between 3 and 10. Thetests includedthe application of monotonic loading incorporating periods of constant load to investigate creep effects,and investigations on the influence of loading rate. Data are presented on measured bending moments and inclinations induced in the piles. Inferred data on lateral displacements of the embedded section of the pilesare determined usingan optimisedstructural model. Thesefield data support the developmentof a new 1D modelling approach forthe design of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines.They also form a unique database of field measurements in an overconsolidated clay, from lateral loading of piles at a vertical distance abovethe ground surface.
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