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AB - Chalk is present under large areas of NW Europe as a low-density, porous,weak carbonate rock. Large numbers of offshore wind turbines, bridgesand port facilities rely on piles driven in chalk. Current European practice assumesultimate shaft resistances that appear low in comparison with the Chalk’s unconfined compression strength and CPT cone resistance rangesand can impact very significantly on project economics. Little guidance is available on pile driveability, set-up or lateral resistance in chalk, or on how piles driven in chalk can sustain axial or lateral cyclic loading. This paper describes the ALPACA (Axial-Lateral Pile Analysis for Chalk Applying multi-scale field and laboratory testing) projectfunded by EPSRC and Industry that is developingnew design guidance through comprehensive field testing at awell-characterised low-to-medium density test site, supported by analysis of other tests. Field experiments on 36driven piles, sixteen of which employ high resolution fibre-optic strain gauges, is supported by advanced laboratory and in-situ testing, as well as theoretical analysis. The field work commenced in October 2017 andwas largely complete inMay2019.
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