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AB - This paper reports a programme of static and cyclic loading tests on seven open steel tubes driven in low to medium density chalk at a well characterised test site, describing their response to driving, ageing in situand loading under both static and cyclic conditions. Back analysis of dynamic monitoring identifies the distributions of notably low shaft resistances that develop during installation, showing that these depend strongly on the relative pile tip depth (h/R). The shaft capacities available to ‘virgin’ piles are shown to increase markedly after driving, following a hyperbolic trend that led to a fivefold gain after 250days.Pre-failed piles do not follow the same trend when re-tested. Pile exhumation confirmed that driving remoulded the chalk, creating a puttified zone around the shaft. Excess pore water pressure dissipation, whichis likely to have been rapid during and after driving,led to markedly lower water contents close to the shaft. Axial cyclic testing conducted around 250 days after driving led to a range of responses, from manifesting stable behaviour over 1000 cycles to failing after low numbers of cycles after developing sharp losses of static capacity. The dependence of permanent displacement on the cyclic loading parameters is explored and characterised. The experiments provide the first systematic study of which the Authors are aware into the effects ofundisturbed ageingand cyclic loading onpreviously unfailedpiles driven in chalk. Potential predictive tools may now be tested against the reported field measurements.
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