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AB - Modularity is an essential property for rationally engineered standard parts and devices. This principle is now being extended to biological based parts and devices for programming cells. However, the design principles and building blocks which are currently in Synthetic Biology are somewhat limited. In addition, it is important to explore the underlying mechanisms of existing, natural biological systems in order to utilise them in designing novel genetic circuit modules. In this paper, we will describe a set of modular synthetic biological parts and devices that are based in rational design. Particularly, a modular tight-controlled and hypersensitive genetic circuit with digital logic AND function is rationally designed and engineered. They use a sigma factor 54( σ 54 ) dependent hetero-regulation module in the hrp (hypersensitive response and pathogenicity) gene regulatory system for Type III secretion in Pseudomonas syringae . Their inputs and outputs are both promoters and thus do not rely on specific inducible promoters and could drive various cellular responses. It shows that the hrp system has significant potential for building a range of biological parts and devices with good performance and flexibility.
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