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Rongshan is a Professor in Advanced Materials Engineering. He graduated with a PhD in Materials Science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1996, and stayed at the same institute as an Associate Professor before moving to England in 1999. He carried out research at Brunel University (1999-2000), Cambridge University (2000-2003) and STFC Daresbury Laboratory (2003-2006) before moving to POSTECH in South Korea at 2006, where he was initially an Associate and then Full Research Professor in Computational Metallurgy. He joined Imperial College London as a Senior Lecturer in Steel Processing in 2009, and moved to the Open University in January 2015. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rahnama A, Qin R, 2017, Room temperature texturing of austenite/ferrite steel by electropulsing, Scientific Reports, Vol:7

Qin R, 2017, Using electric current to surpass the microstructure breakup limit, Scientific Reports, Vol:7

Zhang X, Qin R, 2017, Separation of electrically neutral non-metallic inclusions from molten steel by pulsed electric current, Materials Science and Technology, Vol:33, ISSN:0267-0836, Pages:1399-1403

Zhao ZC, Qin RS, 2017, Inclusion agglomeration in electrified molten metal: thermodynamic consideration, Materials Science and Technology, Vol:33, ISSN:0267-0836, Pages:1404-1410

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